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It is an Emirati company specialized in the field of publishing and production of educational aids. It is concerned with providing a distinctive, distinguished and high-quality cultural and educational product that serves childhood under the slogan "a clear leap of awareness of the wharf".
"WOW" House, as it provides services for all stages of childhood, from 0-18 years, in various technical and educational forms, but it places the file of children with disabilities in the priorities of its goals. It aspires to a future in which all children enjoy an intellectual product that addresses their limitless aesthetic awareness, expresses their imagination only to the end, and merges them into each one a promising active and distinguished actor. It also implements everything related to the field of educational aids, from editing ideas to designing content, as well as preparing forms and implementing means, and the means include a number of technologies, including what is paper and some that is multi-raw, as well as film media, whether it is cartoon or living material, And also the implementation of acoustic materials.


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